Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most commonly discussed technology topics of the last 30 years. Whether we’re talking about machine learning, self-driving cars, or our fears of sentient machine overlords, we’ve had AI on our conceptual minds for a long time. It’s central to the direction of technology. But we thought we’d take some time and talk about your everyday AI. Those wonderful uses of applied AI that help you in little ways, some of which you might not fully appreciate. Here are just a few ways your everyday AI is making life a little easier.


From music to consumer products, books to search inquiries, AI has been applied across the board to help us with recommendations. So many of the websites we interact with daily use our behavior and well-designed algorithms to help predict what we will want, or what we may want to try. For many, this has helped them discover new interests and connected them with better products. Small businesses receive a boon as their lesser-known products find their way in front of consumers. If nothing else, it helps remind the rest of us to clean up that search history every once in a while.

Your Inbox and Outbox

In the early days of email, the user did everything with very conscious effort put into it. Now AI has streamlined our communication by taking the mundane decision making out of our daily email routines. Filters enable us to tell the program what we want to see, what we don’t need to see and establish places for the most important messages to be held without us having to constantly sort our inbox. That same type of technology is what powers the predictive auto-complete features in a program like Gmail, saving you time composing messages by completing common phrases for you.

Your Travel

Most people are now using some type of navigational app as they travel. These programs are great examples of using AI to help the end-user. Consider your travel time, for example. Using data on speed limits, weather, and traffic conditions, your app is able to provide a time estimate for your travel. How helpful is that when trying to plan a trip? Many would say it’s invaluable.

These are only a few ways in which AI is impacting your everyday life. Have you been overlooking the role it plays?

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