July is a month that is inseparable from the concept of freedom in the United States. As we celebrate the anniversary of our nation’s independence, we often think about the concepts that led to our founding. One of the most interesting conversations being hand in this arena involves information technology. Where does technology meet liberty? What is the end state as they meet? These are big questions that have not met solid answers yet, but understanding these three basic issues can better equip you for the conversation.


A major concern in the conversation about liberty and technology is privacy. Our current state of technology provides us with a greater degree of access than we have ever experienced before. It also provides others with greater access to us. Many questions surround the ability of technology to be used for government surveillance, as well as the civilian applications of those same ideas. How much privacy are we entitled to? This question continues to evolve and will be a vital one for years to come.


Topics such as net neutrality find their ground in this part of the discussion. Do we have a right to information technology? As our world becomes increasingly reliant on the Internet, from basic information to job applications and education, there is an increasing issue being raised about people and their right to access. For most IT professionals, the answers to this debate will have powerful ramifications for the future.


Similarly to the privacy debate, the debate surrounding the ethical use of technology is raging with every day. As the pandemic spread, many people began to talk about the use of phone data to contact trace people in real-time. This idea has met with a great deal of opposition because of ethical concerns. Where do we stop? What can we do and what can’t we do? From voice search to marketing data, the questions of the ethical use of technology continue to be debated.

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