What Exactly Is Hybrid Cloud?

Technological advancement continues to move at the greatest pace in human history. New concepts, designs, and definitions emerge daily it seems. Ten years ago, none of us new what the “cloud” was nor what it would come to mean for the tech environment as a whole. Now we have hybrid cloud, but what exactly is it?

Defining Hybrid Cloud

There is no generally agreed upon specific definition for hybrid cloud computing. In broad terms, hybrid cloud is a combination of 2 or more cloud environments, either public or private. The goal with this type of cloud architecture isn’t to merely utilize two, or more, separate cloud resources. But rather to integrate them as seamlessly as possible with one another, creating one system with the strengths provided by both private and public options.

Benefits of Hybrid Cloud

  • Customization and Control – the private element of hybrid cloud solutions enables your organization to control critical operations and day-to-day management, rather than entrusting them to a public source.
  • Security – the single most important factor for an organization in the modern tech landscape is security. The great concern is that private clouds, while more secure, can be slower, lacking the power of public alternatives. Hybrid cloud solutions combine both, creating secure, yet powerful environments for your organization.
  • Scalability – Much like the case of security, hybrid cloud architecture takes advantage of the ever-expanding nature of public clouds, combining it with the security and control of private resources.

Like anything new, hybrid cloud won’t be the solution for everyone, but understanding the basics of this architecture can help you in your business, and in providing the best to your clients.

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