Data is the buzzword of the information technology field. It’s not that it lacks a solid definition, but rather that it has come to be used in so many different contexts it can sometimes create confusion. Since data is such a core concept for technology, we wanted to just take a minute and brush up on the basics of understanding data.

What is Data?

Data is a really broad term in the field of information technology. At its most basic it is used to talk about information that is more than just bits. This information can be compiled in a number of ways, but it’s important to point out that, when we refer to data, we’re talking about more than just bits within the field of computing. Common types of data include personal information, purchase histories, website analytics, and much more.

How Should We Use It?

The debate about how to use data has raged on for decades now. With technology companies in possession of increasingly larger caches of user data, many are concerned that there is a lack of both privacy and oversight. On the other hand, the possession of this data allows many companies to create more value for us as consumers. Our needs can be predicted, our preferences tracked, and new things we might be interested in can be revealed to us. Ultimately the debate about data isn’t going to be settled anytime soon. But we should always be aware of it and continue to advise people accordingly.

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