Remote work is not a new concept. Many companies have had remote workers or utilized the strategy previously to save money on office space. But for many business owners, this is a new situation and one they may not have been expecting to enter into as quickly as they did. For IT professionals, it’s important to be aware of the challenges facing business owners in this current climate so you can better address and serve their needs. The challenges of remote work are many and there are IT solutions available for all of them.

Engagement Problems

With the plethora of communications options available, it seems like employee engagement shouldn’t be a problem. But there is a big difference between communicating and actually engaging with your employees. It’s important for business owners to not just have technological solutions available, but to find the right one. Maybe it’s video conferencing. Perhaps text-based communication is better. It’s hard to tell for certain and there isn’t one perfect solution. What is important is matching what employees will respond to with simple, clean solutions that can enable communication.


We talk a lot about security and for good reason. Cybersecurity is a vital component of any organization. For those who have recently gone remote, there may be new vulnerabilities as a result of the distance from a central office and its protections. While solutions such as antivirus software and VPNs are available, they need to be properly utilized to truly protect an organization in a remote work situation.


It’s easy to keep track of who’s doing what in a traditional office. You have eyes on people and can quickly check-in. We’re often more productive in those structured environments, but how do you translate that to working from home. Accountability solutions are also varied, but business owners will need to balance control with the perception of employees that they’re constantly being watched. Finding the right balance will keep productivity up, but not destroy morale.

AITP is Here For You

The world has undergone a lot of change very quickly. While our events are on hold in support of social distancing measures to help flatten the curve, we’re still here to help you. AITP Charleston provides a number of benefits and connections for IT professionals in the Lowcountry. Please contact us today and let us know how we can help you.