The modern marketplace is embedded in various social media platforms. From short-form platforms like Twitter and Instagram to meatier platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, the modern social media landscape is something every business must navigate. But many business owners and associated consultants find social media to be one of the most frustrating, and confusing, aspects of the business. How exactly does one go about leveraging social media? Consider this simple strategic framework.

Know the Platform

Each social media platform is very different, with distinct strengths and opportunities to leverage. Instagram is a more time-sensitive, visual platform that relies on visual disruption and constant content. Twitter, likewise, requires constant content and large amounts of time but generates the highest engagement of any platform. Facebook is more focused on a more general social audience, while LinkedIn aims at professionals. Understanding these platforms, how they work, and what you can use them for, is key to understanding how to leverage social media.

Know the Audience

Who are you talking to? Is this for new clients? Existing ones? Or maybe you’re just trying to communicate with other professionals in your field. Who are those people? It seems like a silly question to most, but knowing the answer to that will help you determine what platforms you can find your audience on. One of the single most common, and damaging, social media blunders today is failing to identify your audience and engage them where they are.

Know Your Objective

Are you recruiting? Selling? Or are you seeking to become a thought leader in your space? Knowing what your objective in using social media is vital. Maybe you will be posting, or maybe you are looking for team members, leading to more of a hunter mindset. Regardless of what that may be, your objective will determine exactly which platforms you should be on, and what you should be doing there.

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