There has never been a time in human history where we were more connected to one another. Technology has enabled us to communicate across the globe in seconds. Information can be stored and accessed from almost anywhere in the world and organizations are benefiting from a decentralized presence of their personnel. It is also a time of incredible vulnerability. With all of these advances in technology, a new type of threat has emerged and the bad actors across the globe are finding new methods of obtaining and exploiting our data. Let’s be clear, trust and transparency have never been more important in regards to technology.

Be Honest in Capability

With this environment, it’s becoming increasingly tempting for organizations to misrepresent their state of readiness. Over the past few years we have been increasingly reminded that lying about how safe our systems are benefits no one but criminals. It’s always been said that honesty is the best policy, and it’s the same here. Be honest about your capabilities and improve them if you need to. People will forgive you for needing to make things better. They will even forgive you for the inconvenience of changing passwords or increased security requirements. But they will be much less happy with a breach.

Own Mistakes

Despite your best efforts, there is always the potential that you will suffer a security breach. If you do then you need to own it. Most companies have learned this lesson, but every once in a while a company tries to cover it up. The truth comes out and the trust of clients is shattered. A data breach can expose your clients to potential threats and they deserve to know. So be transparent with your failings and let them know. Protect your clients. They will thank you for it.

AITP is Here For You

The world has undergone a lot of change very quickly. While our events are on hold in support of social distancing measures to help flatten the curve, we’re still here to help you. AITP Charleston provides a number of benefits and connections for IT professionals in the Lowcountry. Please contact us today and let us know how we can help you.