How Software as a Service Benefits Small Business and Consumers

What is Software as a Service?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software distribution plan where a third-party provider supplies a variety of software applications over the Internet or other network connection. This allows businesses and consumers to lease a particular software as they need it and have constant access to it across all of their devices. SaaS programs are especially beneficial for those companies that have remote employees, employees with multiple devices, employees who are always on the go, and/or a workforce that is constantly growing.


1. Cost-Effective

With software as a service, businesses are leasing their software rather than owning it. This may seem more expensive at first, but in the long run, especially in a big company, it is extremely affordable. Each application has a monthly subscription fee that is dependent on the number of users, but each of those users can download it on all of their applicable devices. It also allows small businesses the opportunity to have access to applications and software that may be out of their price range to purchase, but they can afford a monthly subscription to use it.

2. Time Savings

Traditional software requires you or your IT department to download, install, set-up, manage, and configure your software programs. With SaaS, the third-party vendor handles all of that administrative work remotely, which allows for a much smoother onboarding process, so the staff can get to work quicker, easier, and focus on more important tasks than troubleshooting technology. The cloud vendor is also responsible for all updates to software and applications, alleviating time spent on updates and making updates much more frequent to optimize productivity.

3. Convenience

Since the software is cloud-based, it can be used on any compatible device in any location that has access to the Internet or a specified network. Thus, giving employees the freedom to work from virtually anywhere and at any time.

4. Growth

For a rapidly growing company, software as a service is an invaluable resource. Businesses can choose a plan based off of their current staff size, and then scale the number of software users up or down based off of growth and workforce size. There is no need to purchase more software licenses for each new employee, but instead, just have them connect to the software online.

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