Do you have the edge? No, we’re not talking about marketing, sales, your minimum viable product, or your company culture. What edge are we referring to? Edge computing of course.

What is Edge Computing?

We live in the era of the cloud. Cloud computing has created a world where data is pulled from decentralized storage all over to our specific terminal at a given point in time. The problem is that bandwidth is expensive and the process of pulling more and more data from the cloud means an increasingly large bill.

Edge computing helps with this by bringing the data closer to the person. Data is processed at the edge of the network, transmitting less back. Essentially what is required goes back and that’s it. All of the data is still processed through localized devices like your smartphone. This reduces network latency and cost by transmitting the essential and letting the rest stay local.

What Does This Mean for You?

The biggest thing this means is that there is a way for you to save money. If you are transmitting a large amount of data then you are probably looking at an incredible expense. A major advantage of edge computing is that it allows you to process data locally and only transmit the most important stuff over the network.

A solid example is a smart refrigerator. It doesn’t need to transmit the temperature data to its cloud dashboard constantly. Instead, it can transmit it when it falls or rises above a certain point. A security camera might only transmit when it detects motion. Small things like these tend to add up, saving you money in the long run and providing a solid strategic advantage.

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