BYOD: How Bring Your Own Device Saves Time and Productivity in the Workplace

What Is BYOD

BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device; a program where employees or members of an organization are encouraged to use their own devices (computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.) in their work environment. This practice was met with a lot of concerns for IT security and the safety of sensitive business systems, but it has become increasingly understood and regulated by companies’ IT departments. Companies have installed malware and increased internal company policies to drive efficiency in employees using their own devices. BYOD is being implemented in many businesses and even other settings like hospitals and universities because of its cost and time savings, as well as increased productivity.

Saving Time

The more time you save, the more work you can get done in a day, and the more money you can bring in. According to a study done by Frost & Sullivan, the adoption of BYOD and the use of smartphones in the workplace can save employees up to 58 minutes per day, increasing overall productivity by 34%. There is no down time getting to know the hardware and the device is already set up with the user’s preferences so they can get to work faster.

Increasing Productivity

On average, a BYOD-carrying employee puts in an extra 2 hours of work effort and sends 20 more emails every day because working can be done anytime and anywhere. As long as the employee has network connectivity, they can work in the car, between meetings, and at home. People are more comfortable with their own devices, so those who have access to BYOD work faster, longer, and harder.

Research by IT Pro Portal found that one out of every three BYOD employees check their work email before the official start of the workday. This gives them a run-down of their day, makes their brain start to move into “work-mode” and causes them to get down to business when they get to the office.

A lot of employees see BYOD as a perk because they get to use their personal devices rather than having to use an unfamiliar company computer. Employers have also found that it makes their employees’ work lives more convenient and they feel like they have more flexibility in their job.

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