Automation Benefits for the Smal

Automation, business owners hear this word every day, in both positive and negative contexts. There is talk of automation replacing human workers, making some jobs obsolete, and changing the face of workforce labor. To the small business owner, however, automation can be a lifesaver. Automating tasks that occupy time while not generating revenue, for example, can free you up to focus on those tasks most important to your business.

Here are five benefits of automating your business:

Reduced Labor Costs

When you start a small business, every dollar counts. Automation in fields like bookkeeping and marketing can save you a great deal of money. Initial investments may seem like they cost you more but, in the long run, you will see serious savings by automating specialized tasks that are not the main focus of your business. You may also worry about software issues, but dealing with the occasional glitch is often much less expensive than hiring and retaining a full workforce.

Increased Accuracy

Two of the scariest words when it comes to your business, human error. Automated solutions often pull data directly, rather than having you, or another employee, enter it manually. Automated bookkeeping is a great example, where transactions post directly from your connected bank accounts to the ledger kept by the software. At the end of the month, you simply reconcile with your bank statement, keeping accurate books with far more consistency and accuracy.

Increased Time

Running a business is hard work. Growing one is even more work, and this type of work takes time. Automating tasks that are repetitive and time-consuming can free up time for revenue-generating activities. Social media posting, bookkeeping, even scheduling meetings can all be automated to give you more time to focus on making your business a success.


As your business grows so do your customers and the amount of work it will take to keep them happy. You will see increased orders, more sales meetings, and more customer service communication. These increases can happen so quickly that you may be unable to hire new workers fast enough to keep pace. Automating aspects of your business mean that the day-to-day tasks will keep pace with the growth of your business, and you can focus on hiring personnel to fill out your core competencies.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Automation can help your small business increase customer satisfaction in numerous ways. Order fulfillment, customer service, and marketing can all be automated to provide your customers with more accuracy, faster response, and more information about your offerings and potential delays. But there is more to automation than just that. Today’s automation software can provide you with a wealth of data to analyze, enabling you to provide your customers with more of what they need as well as better understanding them.

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