AITP Events: Get Involved & Have Fun

Are you involved with your Charleston AITP group? We offer events every month that are full of benefits to you. With interesting panelists who discuss trending and relevant topics, our events are designed to shape you into a fully rounded and informed information technology professional. Discover a few of the biggest benefits of AITP events and get involved!


Network Like a Pro

Our events are a great way to network and meet people in your field. With new members coming onboard every month, you can grow your network at every event. As an information technology professional, you are looking for ways to expand your experience and connections in the community and an AITP event will allow you to do just that. Not only will you meet other members of the Charleston IT network, but you will have fun at the same time. Get to know the IT community and find friends and connections who share the same passion as you.


Get the Latest in IT

Follow the biggest trends in IT with expert panelists. Gain insight into the hottest topics impacting the IT world from speakers, guests, and learning resources. Our panelists and members share diverse backgrounds and experience, making our AITP Charleston events prime occasions to expand your knowledge of the IT field.


Find Your Next Job

Another huge benefit of an AITP Charleston event is the chance to learn about new and opening jobs in the IT field. With the conglomeration of so many local IT professionals, you are much more likely to hear of employment opportunities in the community. You’ll also make valuable connections that can help you land your next job and give you an edge over other applicants.


Find a Mentor, Be a Mentor

Develop and strengthen your leadership skills. Find experienced IT professionals to be a mentor, guiding you in your career. Or, find and help newer IT professionals by becoming a mentor. Either way, our events offer a range of opportunities to connect, grow, and cultivate, improving the IT field locally and nationally.


Have Fun

In addition to the benefits listed above and many more not highlighted, AITP Charleston events are fun! You’ll laugh, be inspired, and gain new connections while developing yourself as an IT professional. You’ll have the chance to meet and talk to likeminded members of the community and develop your skills, all in a relaxed and fun environment. AITP Charleston events are the perfect place to grow as an IT professional and meet your next comrade.


Don’t Miss Out

Don’t miss out on an event! Come join us and discover the many benefits of AITP Charleston events for yourself.